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At a glance

Ofogheshayan has been established in 2005 in Tehran, Iran. The company gradually has become one of the successful commercial & engineering companies in Iran; OSCO is a well-established business conglomerate in Commodities Export and Trading of ores, concentrate, Metals.

Since inception, our main objective has been to Export ores, concentrates, Metals and supply essential raw materials, chemicals, spare parts across Iranian industries like Nonferrous & Ferrous mines and metals , oil & gas , petro chemical and  Cable industries.

Over the years, we have constantly trudged towards the fulfilment of this objective. We have included a handful of international and local professionals in our core team that constantly strives hard to build up a strong distribution network and diversify its activities. It was due to the constant efforts of this team that we successfully managed their job.

Osco will suggest you following high qualified excellences of his professional Team:

 Proven track record of successful business closings

High closing ratios

 access to buyers and sellers, both nationwide and internationally

Systems and processes to match buyers and sellers

 Highly experienced and credentialed business brokers


Members of Osco. Team have been carefully recruited and selected for their high level of accomplishment in a wide range of industries and professions. But their accomplishments don’t stop with their prior experience. Our business brokers receive intensive training in our industry.